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After a lifetime of not doing what I’d always wanted to do, a couple of lucky breaks came my way.

The first was a few years ago when the urge to create was so strong (and writing just wasn’t scratching that itch) that I decided to try and teach myself to draw. You see, growing up I’d thought that in order to paint one needed to be able to draw, and I couldn’t. A few years ago I began to see that 1) that wasn’t always so, and 2) people can learn to draw. I picked up this book called So You Thought You Couldn’t Draw by Sandra Angelo. The beginners in that book were even worse than me so I thought maybe this woman was on to something. I bought the book and, as I was working part time then, was able to start practicing her method. It was easy and fun and I did begin to learn how to draw. Alas, life got in the way for a while. And I still had doubts about being able to be a painter.

A few years later a friend and co-worker brought an art book into the mail room where I worked at the time and asked if I was interested in looking at it. She’d just been to the exhibit at the De Young and many of the paintings in the book were on display. Now though I love art I had rather kept it at bay all my life. There was something painful about not being able to do it. But, when and if placed in front of me, I always enjoyed it. Well, I opened that book (on my break of course) and had an epiphany. The book was Chicano Visions: American Painters on the Verge. Now, I’m of Anglo descent so there were no doubt many aspects of that art that were lost on me. But it still “blew my mind” as we used to say. I knew that “modern” art existed, of course, but this was unlike anything I’d seen. I didn’t know people were allowed to paint like that! Well, looking through that book I knew that no matter how good or bad at it I might end up, I had to paint.

My delving into art wasn’t done over night. Day-to-day life still had its 2 cents to put in, but a year or so later I was able to begin…at age 57. And what did I do first? Found a drawing class. A friend had recently began going to a drawing class and said she liked the teacher. It was the best thing that could have happened to me. The teacher was Garan Morgan and I will be grateful the rest of my life for his teaching. He was the perfect person for someone just starting out. I took both drawing and pastel classes from him and loved them both.

In the beginning I was rather running around trying out everything. It was a blast. But for now I’ve settled on acrylics (mostly abstract) and pen & watercolor. Alas, I don’t get to the acrylics very often because of my current work schedule. But I’ve moved my “studio” from the bedroom into the living room and am slowly getting it better organized so that I can do both watercolor and acrylics.

It’s a work in progress.


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